Best Alarm Clock Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Alarm Clock Reviews and Buying Guide

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In the advent of cellphones and watches, one would think that alarm clocks would become obsolete. But lo and behold, alarm clocks not only remain a home staple but is still found in many of today’s hotels.

The alarm clocks of today are packed with a lot of features, making it a multipurpose gadget to have at home. Some alarm clocks are even designed to look like unique decorative fixtures for the house.

Aside from clock, snooze and alarm features, the alarm clocks of today have added features like radio., USB charging dock, and even a night light.

Our Top 5 Best Alarm Clock

Electrohome USB Charging Clock Radio

The Electrohome USB charging clock radio is the coolest bedside or desktop clock. Its LCD screen is bright, bold and large.

The clock comes with an AM/FM station radio. With its 20 station memory, you are surely going to hear your favorite tunes all day, everyday.

Philips Wake-Up Light Clock

This Philips clock is not only an alarm clock but is also a light therapy lamp at the same time.  It is designed to help improve sleep. The sunrise simulation is surely a perfect way to start the day.

The alarm clock has 5 pre-set wake up sounds. Alternately, one can use the the FM radio as an alarm as well.

Brandstand BPECT CubieTime  Clock Charger

This multifunctional alarm clock is the ideal bedside companion. It has 2 USB charging ports. No one certainly wants to have their gadgets low on juice. This nifty gadget does the trick.

The LCD brightness can be adjusted to different levels. The assigned alarm tone is pretty much the basic alarm tone of conventional electronic alarm clocks.

MARATHON CL030053SV Classic Silent Sweep Alarm Clock

A no-nonsense basic alarm clock, compact and handy enough for travel. And it comes with an added bonus too. It does not have the conventional ticking clock sound. Perfect for people with sensitive hearing and are noise averse.

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Clock

This clock literally comes with a bang. As it emits a loud alarm.  Not only that, it comes with a vibrating device that shakes the bed. This ensures that you will be roused from your deep slumber. The design is eye-catching and unique. Perfect beside alarm clock, that is functional as it is decorative.

Best Alarm Clock Buying Guide

There are so many alarm clock models to choose from, and the best model will probably be the one that will answer your needs.

Clock, snooze and alarm functions are the default features of an alarm clock.

But beyond the basic functionality, there are certainly some points to consider.

Love music? Then perhaps a clock with radio function is for you. That way, you wake up to your favorite music.

Heavy cellphone or tablet user, then a clock with USB charging ports is a suitable option.

Trouble sleeping, then perhaps the silent and light therapy alarm clocks are for you.

The nice thing about alarm clocks, not only is it practical to have at home. It’s affordable enough to buy yourself more than one kind.