Spacious Collection Photo Wallpaper

Photo wallpaper is a type of wallpaper that is increasingly on the rise. The increasing popularity has ensured that the choice is enormous. There is a particularly wide collection available with this type of wallpaper.

Nature is an important theme with variations of forest, beaches, flowers and animals. Cities and their skylines are also available as wallpaper décor.

With regard to photo wallpaper, every type of photo is conceivable to be shown. For example also sports heroes, cars, musical instruments, street art, vintage scrap wood and objects.

Your Own Photo On Wallpaper

Did you know that it is possible to have your own photo printed on wallpaper? That is a unique and original eye-catcher in your living room or bedroom.

Your own photo on wallpaper is distinctive and truly unique. Not every photo is suitable for use as a photo wallpaper.

The photo must have a certain quality and pixel density. Among other things, it is possible to have your own photo printed on wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper and Airtex wallpaper.
• Large collection of photo wallpapers
• Large variation in themes
• Own photo possible
• Non-woven wallpaper, wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper and Airtex

Digital Test Print Photo Wallpaper With Own Photo

It is certainly advisable to first receive a digital proof of photo wallpaper with your own photo. For example, it is also possible to have a quality check carried out.

photo printed on wallpaper

A quality check of your own photo as a print on wallpaper gives assurance about the quality. This way you know immediately whether your own photo is sufficient for it to stand out well on wallpaper

In any case, when choosing your own photo on wallpaper, it is advisable to take the photo with a photo camera. In most cases, a photo taken on the mobile does not meet the quality requirements.

1 Pixel Per Millimeter

There are several tips to take into account when you choose your own photo on wallpaper. For example, by taking 1 pixel into account per 1 millimeter.

The photo must not be too small and certainly not out of focus. It is important that your own photo as a print on the wallpaper is sharp. That prevents disappointments or having to take photos again.

For example, a 20MB photo is fine, but only if the image is sharp enough in relation to the format.

Cutting And Framing Through The Hanger

The work of the wallpaperer starts on a prepared wall by cutting the webs of the wallpaper. This happens at room height if the wallpaper extends from the ceiling to the plinth or floor.

The wallpaperer places the jobs upside down on the sticky table. Then it’s time to apply the glue. This creates the wallpaperer first.

The wallpaperer then applies the glue to the second third of the wallpaper web. Our wallpaperer does this in the longitudinal direction and in the middle with an even distribution.

Editing The Photo

It is also possible to have your own photo professionally updated in certain situations for photo wallpaper.

It does depend on the quality of the photo whether it is eligible for editing. In other situations it is necessary or recommended to take a new photo.

Furthermore, it is necessary to crop your own photo in order to end up properly displayed as a print on the photo wallpaper.

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