Best Outdoor Watch

Outdoor adventures are never complete without having the best outdoor watch.

It is undeniable that today’s generation has become more adventurous and daring. Likewise, exploring new places alone may not be easy without the help of a local. The familiarity of the location and weather patterns are important for a safe adventure.

With features such as GPS, weather monitoring and waterproofing, having the best outdoor watch will surely make your trips easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Choosing the best outdoor watch for your type of fun, however, may be quite difficult. While each watch may have several features, you can never have it all. As a result, below is a review of the best outdoor watches that can guide you in choosing the watch for your needs and lifestyle.

Outdoor Watch

Our Top 3 Best Products

Casio Men’s Pro Tough Solar Digital Watch

Best Outdoor Watch

The Casio Men’s Pro-Tough Solar Watch is a rug digital watch with a resin case and stainless steel back. Providing superior scratch resistance, the watch has a mineral dial window that is hard to scratch and is also equippe with an LED light.

Along with a stopwatch that can measure up to 1/100 of a second, a countdown timer, and a 5-year battery life, the watch features Casio’s Tough Solar technology, which charges the battery using both natural and artificial light, and an auto LED backlight with afterglow. Other features include a 1/20-second stopwatch, a countdown timer, a perpetual calendar, 12/24-hour formats, and a world time of 48 cities.

Features such as the titanium strap make the watch more durable. Moreover, tide graph and moon data may useful for those who venture on water sports. The basic ABCs (altimeter, barometer, and compass) will keep you safe from weather fluctuations.

Certainly, this is the best outdoor watch for those who go on random adventures.

SUUNTO Core Military Men’s Outdoor Sports Watch

The SUUNTO Core Military men’s outdoor sports watch is design for the toughest missions. It transforms military specifications into a rugged, yet lightweight watch with a large display and buttons. The two-way rotating bezel, a feature typically found only in diving watches, makes the Core easy to operate with gloves on.

With the Core you can easily adjust the time for daylight saving time (DST). The Core is equipped with a barometer that gives you accurate information about pressure changes, so you can predict the weather. The three different pressure units make it easy to see changes in air pressure in your surroundings.

The built-in weather trend indicator and barometer is perfect for hikers who are concerned about unstable weather conditions. Truly, with its fashionable design, you won’t have to worry about style. Weighing at only of 2.26 ouncesm this watch is very handy for any adventure.

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Casio Men’s Pro Trek Atomic Digital Watch

This Casio Men’s Pro Trek Atomic Digital Watch is a multifunction digital watch that offers a lot more than just time. With a solar powered battery and digital compass, the watch is a must-have for those who love outdoor activities.

The digital compass comes in handy when you’re trekking or camping in places where there is no network or you can’t see the sun. The watch features an atomic time calibration system that is linked to radio signals from the government’s atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The solar feature of this watch will save you from the hassle and expense changing batteries. Having a barometer and low-temperature resistance makes it perfect for those who trek mountains. In addition, its water resistance of up to 660 feet adds makes it versatile and suitable for any type of adventure.

SUUNTO Spartan Ultra HR

Best Outdoor Watch

This is an advanced heart rate monitor which shows you how to train smarter. The monitor is equipped with an altimeter, barometer and compass to tell you how high, how low and where you are. The monitor is highly accurate and provides you with the most detailed information on how you train.

The colored touch screen of this watch is perfect for those who want greater screen visibility under direct sunlight. Long adventures are made easier with its high battery capacity, lasting up to 26 hours.

Most noteworthy is its connectivity to smartphones. This makes navigation easier and more accessible. In short, for a tech-savvy, this may be the best watch.

SUUNTO Spartan Ultra HR is a premium multisport watch with a built-in heart rate sensor. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is fully charge in 1 hour and can keep it on for up to 8 hours in training mode and 12 days in watch mode. It has 3 daily alarms and a 100-hour chronograph to track activities such as laps and splits.

Best Outdoor Watch SUUNTO Traverse

Get ready for the next adventure with the Traverse and the S-9i. The Traverse watch with altimeter and barometer and the S-9i heart rate monitor combo pack is the perfect way to take your training to the next level. The S-9i is compatible with the Traverse watch and can be used for heart rate monitoring, pace and speed measurement and calorie counting.

If you’re worried about getting lost, this watch may be the best outdoor watch for you. Its advanced GPS system can make you upload routes which you can follow for a safer adventure.

Finally, it is paired with a feature called Barometric Trend. This will alert you when you need to find shelter for an upcoming storm.

Suunto Traverse is the perfect device for the modern adventurer, blending exceptional durability and performance with a sleek, sporty design. The watch has a sunlight-readable, high-resolution colour display and features a multisport mode to track your progress, no matter which activity you choose. It also features a 24/7 heart rate monitoring, durable construction and a battery life of up to 50 hours.


The expensive price of outdoor watches makes reading product reviews essential. In choosing the best watch, features that tailor to one’s lifestyle has to consider. Therefore, the following are factors that should take into account when choosing for the perfect outdoor watch:

Type of Activity

The best exterior watch for land adventures may not be the best for those who engage in water sports. Whether you buy an outdoor watch used for land or water adventures, or an outdoor watch for other trips will depend on the person’s type of activity.

Surrounding Temperature

Some outdoor watches are suitable for extremely low temperatures, while others are only suitable for normal temperature range. It is very important to consider this, as nobody wants to buy a costly watch to just destroy it due to temperature.


For those who are into rigid adventures, one must consider purchasing an outdoor watch made out of durable materials. Those who are more into style also have a variety to choose from.